Mosino ONe
Smarter Communities
Mosino is a secure cloud-based solution that provides seamless and high-quality customer experiences and property management tools.
Smarter Communities
As technology progresses and provides more options and solutions, builders and property managers are looking towards "PropTech" (property technology) for assistance. Mosino offers exactly that through its Mosino Platform.

The Mosino Smart Platform combines club technology and IoT to provide buildings with an integrated solution that offers a wide variety of services, such as guests request tracking, e-locks, common area booking, activities appointment, food serving, and much more. Whether the modules are native to Mosino or leveraging a third party, Mosino provides the complete seamless integration.
The Most Complete Platform
The Most Advanced Club Technology

Mosino serves as a management system for club and other entertainment markets. It offers a perfect blend of digital management services as well as smart club technologies. Each Component simplifies and enhances the experience of management, staff and club members.
Perfect blend of Smart Technologies and Digital Management
Intercom Reinvented
IoT Integrations
Smart Lockers
F & B Ordering
Activities Booking
Elevator Integration
Intercom Reinvented
  • Various sizes to choose from: 7", 10", 22", 32'', 42"
  • Visitor Pass integration
  • Facial Recognition
  • Special resident access via resident pass or security code
  • Cloud PBX
  • Video Calling
  • QR, Barcode scanning
  • Parcel delivery Management
  • Mosino Mobile Application
    Mosino Intercom offers a complete solution for any type of building. From different sizes, form factors, hardware options to new and innovative concierge services integration allows residents, visitors and staff to experience a completely new experience.
    Complete Cloud-based System
    Visitor Access Simplified
    Visitors can access the building without any physical key by using either a secure PIN or via their access card. Security pin is selected by the user via Mosino app and is visible to only the user. The access pass is multi-purpose but grants a secure and quick access via the Intercom.
    Smarter Access Control
    Outfitting a building with new intelligent smart locks can provide a simpler access control for everyone.

    Mosino is integrated with some of the largest locks in the markets that uses BLE, NFC and remote operations via bridges.

    Smart Thermostats
    Many great options currently exists in the market that offer great climate control as well as energy savings.

    Mosino integrations enhances on the promises such as profiles for vacated areas to automatically set the temperature as well as smart notifications.
    Energy Saving Simplified
    Locker Room Equipment
    Mosino integrates with all the popular smart locker systems in the market. Choose from some of the truly great and intelligent smart systems out there.

    With the integration, Mosino app and the intercom bring the user experience to the next level.

    Food & Beverage Serving
    Mosino One Platform facilitates a complete restaurant reservation and food ordering services with digital menu management and kitchen display systems for food. Guests are able to discover local cuisines without walking out. Various options are provided according to individual preferences.
    Elevator Integration
    Choose from popular elevator systems to deliver great yet simple destination dispatch experiences to visitors and employees.

    More integrations coming soon...
    Destination Dispatch
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